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Let’s get back to the very basics; completely naked, is not sexy. It is the covering of the nakedness and the teasing of what lies beneath the covered skin that makes all lingerie seductive and sexy so any type of clothing or underwear could be seen as sexy by anyone. The term fish net only refers to a diamond shaped knit pattern so why the sexy fascination with fishnet because it’s only just a simple pattern? Fishnet is also known as string. There must be other psychological associations i.e. subconscious connotations that come to mind.

Why is fish net underwear seen as sexy?

When most people hear the term ‘sexy fishnet’ they imagine a pair of fishnet stockings. Fishnet stockings and tights became popular in the 1900’s from the dancing cabaret show girls kicking their long legs into the air.

It’s not just about how the fish nets physically look, its also about the psychology of the beautiful women who traditionally begun wearing them, they were seen as sexy women because in terms of Victorian times they were empowered breaking societal barriers, they were dancers, fit, healthy, full of vitality and they were confident entertainers fully embracing their divine feminine power and that was what was truly sexy.

Why is string underwear for women sexy?

Now a lot of people forget that fishnet is only a diamond shaped pattern. There is another exactly the same type of clothing with a different name ‘string’. String vests were traditionally worn by men, chosen to be worn in hot or tropical environments, the idea being that when the man sweats, the sweat gathers into the diamond knit fibers, but the air can still circulate onto the mans back through the holes in the diamonds, as opposed to a man wearing a t-shirt that would completely stick to their back because it is soaked in sweat being suffocatingly uncomfortable. In this case the psychological connotations of string underwear would be hardworking, steam, sweat, tropics with perhaps a working class or cultural influence?

Fishnet stockings and a fish net string bra even though they are both sexy lingerie and have the same diamond design, they will certainly have a different psychological impact depending on who is viewing the items.

Fishnet stockings and string bras are not sexy nor acceptable in the same way

A woman might feel that the risqué fishnet stockings are psychologically acceptable in terms of the historical female connotations for her the wearer but the string bra with masculine connotations might not be unacceptable especially considering the nipples area is not really hidden. When it comes to a woman’s comfortability with sexiness, there will be levels of acceptability that will be dependent on her personal nature and personality.
Same thing different connotations:
Fisnet net string Braa range of different fishnet stocking tights


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