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When you're shopping online you will soon discover bodysuits are not only called bodysuits they are also called; bodies, teddies or just a teddy. In this shop though we just call them lingerie bodysuits. The great benefit of buying a lingerie bodysuit for someone else is that they get to wear a one-stop-shop single item that creates a whole bedroom outfit.

There are 4 main factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing a bodysuit.

  1. Bottom coverage
  2. Back coverage
  3. How and where it ties together
  4. Breast display

1. How to choose the right bottom coverage for a lingerie bodysuit gift.

For this first point we advise you read our previous blog post, where we have already gone into depth about choosing the right knickers, which at this stage is the same thing.

2. How to decide what back coverage you need in an underwear bodysuit.

Underwear bodysuits will of course be designed and available in a variety of styles. Some bodysuits will:

  • cover the whole back as though a normal piece of clothing.
  • appear with a very low back almost like a swimsuit
  • have an open back however may also have an extra bra strap through the middle of the back, attaching the sides together. Usually this is to give the bust extra support at the front.

3. How do sexy bodysuits tie together and which one should I buy?

Bodysuits have to stay up, these are the two main choices:

  1. Normal straps that go over the shoulders like a swimsuit.
  2. Halterneck, where the straps tie together behind the neck

Considerations for bedroom moments with halterneck bodysuits

  • Some halternecks will be elasticated so they stretch above and over the head (not so glamorous).
  • Some halternecks will be conjoined by buttons (which may be fiddly at the back of the neck to remove).
  • Some haternecks tie together with ribbon (this is the quickest and easiest method, pull the ribbon and release).

4 What type of breast display on a lingerie bodysuit should I choose to give as a gift?

This is where we start talking about styles and breast support!

  1. Support by tight material. Like a swimsuit where the breast is held up and supported by a tight elasticated material.
  2. Support by underwired bra, to keep the breasts firmly in place. You will need to know the correct cup and back size for the recipient.
  3. Little support just light material coverage. 

If you want to buy sexy lingerie for someone and you don't know their bra size, it's still possible to shop sexy lingerie that will still fit, just find a bodysuit or an underwear outfit designed without underwire cups! 

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